Tillman Glove and Apparel Sizing Guide


Generally speaking, all of Tillman's glove sizes are indicated at the end of the part number and are imprinted on the glove. In the case of our B, C, and D grade driver's gloves, many of the hems are color coded and refer to a specific size. Red for Small, Green for Medium, Brown for Large, and Blue for X-Large.

Use the chart below to find your glove size. Not all gloves are available in all sizes. High heat gloves, for example, are only made in size XL so that they can be quickly thrown off should they become too hot. TrueFit™ gloves, which are a mechanic's style glove, are designed to fit snugger so that the user can handle small parts more effectively.

Use the charts below to determine your general size for jackets, cape sleeves, shop coats, and coveralls. Note that coveralls are made to fit slightly bigger so that they may be comfortably worn over other clothing.

Compare your chest measurement to the blue chart to find your correct size. The length of the jacket depends on personal preference and jacket style. Tillman offers a wide range of jacket lengths from 26" to 48". Not all garments are available in all sizes and lengths. The sleeve measurement is only needed for custom sizes.