American Lock’s lightweight, 1-1/2" durable aluminum padlocks are easy to carry from one lockout job to the next. We offer a choice of nine colors to organize by department: black (BLK), blue (BLU), brown (BRN), clear (CLR), green (GRN), orange (ORJ), purple (PRP), red (RED) and yellow (YLW). The anodized, durable finish is fused to the lock surface and will not chip, making it ideal for food processing facilities. It also easily withstands washdown chemicals and caustic environments. Laser engraving lets you permanently add employee names, company logos and other information on padlocks for lockout identification compliance. Rust-resistant brass shackles are available as an optional upgrade for corrosion resistance in harsh environments and to minimize the potential for sparks in a hazardous environment. Optional, exclusive-to-safety W401 keyway (W417 for Master Keyed systems) with deeper pins and key cut depths minimizes inadvertent key interchange caused by years of hard use. More than 40,000 unique codes assure no duplication in a facility; available on six-pin A1160 Series. For safety applications, we recommend the A1165, A1166, and A1167 with the exclusive-to-safety W401 cylinder. For master keyed applications, choose the W417 cylinder. Enhanced keying options include BumpStop® Advanced Cylinder Technology. 1-1/2" (38mm) Rectangular Padlocks — 1100 Series Includes A1105, A1106, A1107, A1165, A1166 and A1167, with specifications listed below.
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