Morse 24 Clamp+Go Dolly Handle (Patented Design) , Detachable & Adjusts For 2" To 3" Dolly Sidewall. Us Patent # Us8424886

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Manufacturer: Morse
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Morse 24 Clamp+Go Dolly Handle (Patented Design), Detachable & Adjusts For 2" To 3" Dolly Sidewall. Us Patent # Us8424886
  • Clamps onto dolly for safer, ergonomic drum transport
  • Adjusts for various dolly wall heights
  • Pivoting handle that stores upright when not in use

Reduce risks to workers with the ergonomic and safety conscious Morse Clamp+Go TM Dolly Handle. Attach Clamp+Go TM to the sidewall of your drum dolly with a downward push to engage the quick-coupling mechanism. Now you've got a drum dolly with a handle to pull or push to move your drum around. Easily move into and out of confined areas.
Increase worker safety by moving drum dollies with the Clamp+Go TM Dolly Handle. Don't risk catching your fingers between the drum and other objects. Drum dollies with handles are far more stable because you apply even force below the drum's center of gravity.
For safety reasons, use caution to maintain control and avoid tipping when pushing at the top of your drum to move a drum dolly. Lateral force at the top of the drum shifts over 70% of the weight to the front dolly wheels. This can make the dolly difficult to control, and potentially hazardous without warning - even topple over, especially if the dolly wheels hit an obstruction, a hole in the floor, or while descending a slope.
Becrease the risk of this happening by attaching the Clamp+Go TM to the drum dolly. You then pull from the bottom of the drum to move it around, with weight far more evenly distributed on all dolly wheels. You have greater control, and significantly reduce risk of tipping.

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Morse is "The Specialist in Drum Handling Equipment." They provide 55-gallon (208 liter) drum handling solutions, such as hand drum trucks, mobile drum handlers, forklift attachments including heavy-duty models capacities up to 2500 Lb. (1136 kg). Many models are available in stainless steel.

Since 1923 Morse has introduced nearly every major innovation in drum handling equipment. Morse is committed to manufacturing our products in the USA.

ManufacturerMorse Manufacturing
LeadtimeIn Stock - Ships Within 24 Hours

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