Justrite 911091 Non-Combustible Outdoor Safety Locker, 9-Drum, Explosion Relief Panels

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Manufacturer: Justrite
Manufacturer Part Number(s): 911091
Unit of Measure (Sold by the): 1/Each
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SKU Justrite-911091
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Non-Combustible Outdoor Safety Lockers with explosion relief panels are required for the safe storage of Class 1A or the dispensing of Class 1A and 1B flammable liquids (as defined by NFPA). Please check with the local authority having jurisdiction to ensure all local regulations and setback requirements are followed.

Standard features include:

  • Explosion relief panels designed to release at 20 psf
  • Rugged heavy gauge steel construction — backed by a 15-year structural warranty
  • Secondary containment — leakproof all welded sump
  • Removable, galvanized steel grating
  • Three-point keyed locking hardware
  • Natural draft ventilation
  • NFPA 704 diamond decal provides "Right to Know" information
  • Multiple static grounding connnections
  • Anchoring plates for maximum hold down protection
  • Chemical and UV resistant coating, inside and out
  • Forklift channels for easy relocation
  • Meets EPA, NFPA 30 and NFPA 1 requirements
  • FM-approved — including sump capacity, wind/snow load requirements, and explosion relief panels
Customize the locker to meet specific applications with a variety of optional features and accessories, including loading ramp, grounding kit, fire protection and lighting packages. Please note that shelving is not available when ordering a locker with explosion relief panels.



Model No. and Color Options:

911091 (Bone)

Material Specifications:

Heavy gauge steel


(9) 55-gallon drums

Sump Capacity:

198 gallon(s)

750 liter(s)

Load Capacity:

9000 lbs

4082 kgs

Dimensions, Exterior:

91" W x 86" D x 97" H

2311 W x 2184 D x 2464 H (mm)

Dimensions, Interior:

78" W x 78" D x 84" H

1981 W x 1981 D x 2134 H (mm)

No. of Doors:


Dimensions, Door:

42" W x 80" H

1067 W x 2032 H (mm)

Door Hinge:


Explosion Relief Panels:

(1) - 48" x 60"





LeadtimeIn Stock - Ships Within 24 Hours

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