Engineered Solutions

Industrial Coatings, Spill Containment, Chemical Storage Buildings, Safety Showers and Secondary Containment

Safety Is Our Priority
Committed to safety in all aspects, the Justrite engineered safety solutions team strives to be a leading collaboration of engineered safety solutions to help solve industrial and environmental risks. From fire protection, to spill prevention, to emergency response, let our team of knowledgeable environmental, health, and safety thought leaders help protect your company..

Customized Engineered Safety Solutions
From start to finish, we implement a collaborative approach to ensure the creation of a custom solution designed specifically for your objectives. Since we know this may be the first and only time your company needs to make these type of decisions, we provide unparalleled guidance and support throughout the project, managing all aspects from point of order to completion.

Compliant and Functional
While many of our engineered safety solutions are compliance or code-driven, we also recognize the need for designs that help improve functionality or current processes. Whatever we can do to make life easier for our customers, we will do. We know your expectations are high, so we set ours even higher. Let our expertise become your peace of mind.

We offer custom solutions for:

  • Fall Protection
  • Roof Guardrails
  • Spill Containment
  • Chemical Storage Buildings
  • Secondary Containment
  • Safety Showers
  • Industrial Coatings
  • Noise Barriers
  • Traffic Safety