Ansell Glove Sizing Chart

Glove size is dependent on hand size, which can be found out by measuring around the knuckles of the hand - below the fingers and above the thumb. This can be done with a cloth tape measure, but if that is unavailable, a strand of string can be wrapped around the appropriate area and then measured with a ruler.

Once the hand has been measured (using inches), the resulting number should be rounded to the nearest whole or half-inch. This measurement is equal to your numerical glove size. If the measurement is not a whole number, the next bigger size should be chosen, i.e., if the measurement is 8.5, the glove size needed is 9.

This measurement is an approximation, and can vary depending on hand and finger shape. The best fitting glove might be a half or full size bigger or smaller than the hand measurement.

Ansell Glove Sizing Chart

Ansell Glove Sizing Chart


Suit size

ChemTekTM #38-628
Viton®/Butyl glove

Barrier® #02-100
Inner glove

Scorpio #08-354
(neoprene) rubber

XXS 8 10 9
XS 9 10 9
S 10 10 9
M 10.5 10 9
L 10.5 11 10
XL 11 11 10
XXL 11 11 10
XXXL 11 11 10

Glove sizes acc. to EU standard